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This website will be closing on 31 October 2021. If you would like to order any jewellery you can contact me on Facebook or visit me at www.designejewellery.weebly.com. You can find my list of stockists there and view a large selection of jewellery plus contact details should you wish to discuss your requirements and place an order. All previous customers will receive a 10% discount.



Norman is inspired by the materials he works with. He loves to create beautiful effects utilising the versitility of the resin in combination with the contrast of  aluminium, and he enjoys experimenting with the infinite variety of colour.

The desigNE range of contemporary jewellery is handcrafted from resin and incorporates aluminium details. The flow patterns derived from alternating layers of blended colours, interrupted by obstacles of chiefly aluminium sections, produce a highly decorative, contoured effect, which is very original. Norman mixes  an extensive range of exciting and unusual colours, which are polished to give a lovely smooth, glossy finish with a high shine. As the desigNE jewellery range is beautifully finished it is extremely tactile. desigNE jewellery is also deceptively light in weight and very comfortable to wear. 

The desigNE jewellery range is easily maintained by polishing with a soft cloth to maintain the shine. It is advisable to keep your item of jewellery in the box provided to avoid scratching. It will not be affected by perfumes etc.

First class recorded delivery within the UK and the provision of a jewellery box will be included in your order.

Postage charges outside the UK are £6. To pay for these charges please click on the Postage Outside the UK Category, in the Shop Section, just below Pendants and Chokers, on the right of the page, and pay for this after you have made your purchase.

Norman's designs can be made to order.  If you would like a product in a different size, shape or colour this can be arranged.  The waiting period after ordering bespoke pieces will vary depending upon how busy he is;  however, you  will be advised upon receipt of your order and you wiil be inforrmed if there are any unforeseen delays.   

Norman has many different ranges of jewellery to ensure you have plenty of choice.  He regularly adds new products to his shop and he constantly develops new ideas to keep his desigNE jewellery range fresh and exciting, so you may like to visit regularly to view the desigNE jewellery range.


Please contact Norman if you would like to purchase something not shown or sold out and he will do his best to accommodate your request. He has a great variety of stock available. 


Please email Norman at sales@designejewellery.com if you have any queries or requests and he will be happy to help you. 

Thank your for visiting.



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