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Cranberry round bangle, approximate diameter 25 mm, in shade so rich red, in resin with aluminium details and surround. Handmade bangle in textured, polished aluminium adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. The design of this bangle is contemporary, unique and original. This piece of jewellery has been handcrafted by Norman Eames, desigNE jewellery. It has been smoothed and polished to give a high shine to enhance the colours and it feels lovely and smooth and glossy to the touch.

desigNE jewellery is unique in a manner similar to a Zebra, it looks very similar but each item of jewellery all varies to some degree and so may differ slightly to the item in the photograph. This variation adds to its unique and individual quality.

Jewellery bag and 1st class recorded delivery (UK) included in the price.

Cranberry Round Bangle Resin Aluminium Handcrafted Britain